Innocent Victims

When I was growing up my dad and I had a weekend ritual: We’d park ourselves in the living room and watch hours and hours of cooking shows. The French Chef, Great Chefs of America, Yan Can Cook, Cajun Cookin’ with Justin Wilson, Emeril, etc. We loved to learn new skills and test recipes out on the family. There were a few bombs (such as “The Oyster Stuffing Incident of 1994”). Most of them were successes, though, and it instilled a life-long love of cooking in me.

When we moved to Chicago from DC, I treated myself to a housewarming gift: a beautiful set of copper and stainless steel pots. We had been using a mish mash of old pots and I was ready for a grown up set. Julie and Julia had come out the year before and I had just finished Julia Child’s autobiography My Life in France, so I knew I wanted copper. I found an amazing set on deep discount from JC Penney’s and hit the purchase button faster than you can say “Bon Appetit!” I beamed when I opened them up and felt like I had little bit of Julia watching over me in my own kitchen. Many wonderful recipes have emerged from my beloved pots including my signature Stout Meat Pie.

Imagine my horror when Josh reminded me that the new house in Denmark has an induction cooktop. They are super efficient, which is great, but they also don’t work with all metals. Sadly, copper is one of the metals it does not work with. According to the internet, the test to see if your pots will work with induction is to try putting a magnet on it. If the magnet sticks, it will work. If not, you need new pots. So with Maya’s help, we did the all important test:

Innocent victims


Yes, I know there are plates you can get to make your old pots work, but you lose all of the efficiency of the induction heating. I don’t want to ship them unless they can be used properly. Sadly, that means my babies will have to go live with a friend or go into storage. I am heart broken.

Send gløgg and new pots.


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